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  1. Pyramid sprint in Halle

    I was in Halle on a Pyramid/Pylons sprint which was organized by GoCept company.

    Featuring a lot of European hackers. You can read the report here _ So we were mainly hacking on the Pyramid, Colander, Deform. And also some other stuff like pytest and custom logging for applications ...

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  2. GSoC - 7-8

    Things done so far

    The week 7 was great. I rewrote the GUI parts. Removed the LRUCache so know we have sorted requests. The toolbar now supports the default route view thats just represents the last 10 requests.

    So the result can be seen here:

    I looked into localization but ...

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  3. GSoC - Week 3 and 4

    Things done so far

    So I fixed the problem when exception is encoded in something different than ASCII (#108 ).

    I located some dead code, before I make the pull request I would like to run selenium tests but they fail because of the Firefox 22 API upgrade. So currently Selenium ...

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  4. GSoC - Week 1 and 2

    Week one and two is over. I finished my exams (in week 1) successfully.

    Things done sofar

    I managed to talk to my mentor John Anderson 'sontek'. So the main priority of my GSoC would be to implement the 2 things in the GSoC:

    • Separate the toolbar so it doesn ...
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  5. GSoC - Week 0 - Intro

    Big surprise

    I have been programming in python for the last 2 years, it all started with replacing Bash scripts with some simple python scripts.

    The scripts became more and more complex and I started enjoying programming in general. I also realized that the demand of standard system administrators is ...

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  6. How to setup MPD on ubuntu


    this is a very basic setup


    Install the daemon and client:

    # apt-get update
    # apt-get install mpd mpc


    Change the folowing lines:

    bind_to_address "localhost"


    bind_to_address ""

    Comment the ALSA audio_output:

    #audio_output {
    #       type            "alsa"
    #       name            "My ALSA Device"
    #       device          "hw:0,0"        # optional
    #       format          "44100 ...
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